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“Dino” by Glen Southern

Now slowly tweak each point so that it rounds off the eye and nostril area as shown.
Tip: This may take time. Don’t rush this part as point tweaking can make all the difference to your model

Split the mouth area again

To get more geometry around the body and head add a split all the way around

Again, in Vertex (point) mode tweak each point until the form looks correct.

Keep testing the Sub-divided model with C and V

To help sculpt the eye area create an eyeball from a sphere
Right click, create>sphere

Using Move, (W) place the eye into the socket

Rotate it to suit

Use C to subdivide the main mesh
Use Subdivision>Refine control mesh. This permanently subdivides the mesh once: giving 4 times the polygon count and lots more geometry to work with for the next few detail stages

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