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“Dino” by Glen Southern

To see how the model will look when it is subdivided you can hit Keyboard C.
You can now see the model in its sub-divided form and go back and tweak any areas that don’t have enough volume or too much.
To go back out of this mode use Keyboard V

Move around the mesh looking for Points that are not in the right place and re-position them as needed.
Switch into Sub-divide mode when needed.

Zoom in on the Foot area
Using the split tool (modify>split) start to make a split around the toe area. This is going to leave 5 sided and 3 sided polygons. WHere possible we are going to keep this model to quads.
Tip: The split tool is another tool you will need to be skilled with. Take some time to practice splitting polygons if needed.

Work the split around the base of the foot

End it at the ankle. This will be a triangle but we will correct this later

Go back and select the two faces on the right hand side of the foot

Extrude these out and down a little. This will become the claw

Extrude and scale down again,

Now move onto the next claw and repeat the last few steps.

Switch between rotate, move and scale to get the desired effect.

It should end up something like the image below

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