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Guanajuato Alley

” Making Guanajuato Alley ” by Eugenio García Villarreal
The final Composition-Post processing
One of the better and relaxing parts that I did for this image, like I say before, this image has a lot of 2d work, and here begins 😀
I put my two images in a new file, and take out the unnecessary material from the renders,
I did some color correction, to bring alive the image

in this case, I was not happy with the render size, and I decide to make my image larger in the vertical canvas, for composition purposes, I drew perspective lines, with the line tool, because I took parts of the image to make the tops of the buildings, next I put blak lines at the side, to change my image boundaries. ( for composition)

We have a lot of blank space there next with my perspective lines, i taked parts from the image and copy them to new layers, making some adjust wit ctrl+t and with distort tool, to make them fit in the perspective, I did this with the left and the bottom building.
And the same with the top doors.

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