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Watchtower tutorial

"Watch tower
and light" by Aziz Khan
hello guys!!
to watch tower and lighting tutorial, in this tutorial we will
create a watch tower which is pretty simple, and then will create
a light for our watch tower, and then will light it up, this
tutorial is pretty nice if you want to make game, as you have
seen the IGI game there is allot of watch towers which is pretty
similar to the one we are going to create.

inspiration we recommend using high quality photo references
from the #1 references website

so lets
get started,
1-create a polygon
cube with the same settings as you can see in the image below,
later on we will scale it to fix the light angle.

2-go to top view
port and make a copy of the newly created cube and then duplicate
it, and then move it somewhere like on the image down.

3-select both of
them and then do a Boolean operation which is showing in the
picture below.



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