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Modeling of Coca Cola bottle

Apply the Blinn shader to our CocaCola bottle. Make sure “Smooth shade all”, “Textured”, “High quality” is check on, so we can see how our bump map looks like in the viewport. You should get something similar to this:



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial so far and information in it was useful for you. Also keep in mind that similar technique I describe here can be applied to any 3d packages out there. Please feel free to email me at in case you have any questions or problems regarding this tutorial.


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  1. gigabo /

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  2. liu shuangcheng /


  3. vaibhav /

    thank u

  4. Thank you SO much for this! It was a HUGE help. (and yes, I still wonder about the holding of the cock…:D)

  5. Jared /

    LMAO for step 6 you put “middle part where you hold the cock”

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