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Modeling of Coca Cola bottle

Now, try to extrude the polygons at the center to something similar to following image:


Next, we extrude the polys between those polys we already colored and extrude them two times towards inside. I have selected the edges where the second extrude should occur for your guide.


Here is what we have so far. I also assigned a nice default Blinn shader to it so we no longer see the red areas.


Step 5:
Connecting parts together:

First we merge the two halves of middle part together. Simply combine and merge them together.

Now it is time to connect the middle part to the bottom and merge them together. As we saw earlier in this tutorial, number of subdivisions differed for both middle and bottom part. To fix this problem, we add some new edge loops to the middle part to match the edges of bottom and then we simply delete all the old edges that don’t match .


Once you are done, merge all the vertices together and extrude the middle towards inside where middle and bottom part are connected. Call the new object “Bottle”.


Step 6:
Adding extra details to middle part:

In this step, we are going to add more definition to middle part where you hold the cock.
Simply, move the vertices and extrude their faces to make a basic slot. In this model we need to have four slots.


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