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Upside down

“Upside down ” by Mathias Koehler
In top view I’ve created the wings, starting with a single plane and using the edge extrude method.

I wanted to model those veins. So I had to change the topology with alot of cutting + welding.

Those edges were chamfered to gain some thicknes. To be able to smooth the wing, I had to create many new edges to get a nice topology(quads mostly). The shell modifier was used to give some thicknes to the wing itself. The polys between the ‘vein-edges’ were extruded somewhat to give the veins some height.

This is the body-wing connection.

The main modelling is done now.

These are some hairs, which I’m going to put everywhere on the body.

To do this, I’ve used a script called ‘Mouseplanter’, written by Roger Hyde. It allows you to paint objects on the surface of others in a very intuitive way. Get it now!

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