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Making the chamber of oceans

"Making the chamber of oceans " by Tjerk Otten recommendation:

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The Concept of The Chamber of Oceans.

Walking around with the idea of the chamber of oceans for months. The small part of graphical visualization that the mind can produce saw a room, filled with objects that were somehow connected to something emotionally of the sea. The idea of a TV or painting from which water filled the room was also in the original concept. The main character of the scene had to react to what was happening. The scene from my imagination is based on objects that i own or could have owned. While the project was in my subconsciousness all of the time, your eyes wonder around and are looking for objects that would work in the scene . I was unaware that a lot the objects were in my own home. About 60 % of the objects are in or around my own home.

The main character of the scene is Lucas. Lucas father was a fisherman. From the money that his father made they could pay the bills. This was their main income. Usually it was one week on shore and one week on the sea. Lucas was not supposed to go with his father that week, because it was too dangerous. The Sea was rough and more dangerous than normal. Lucas was begging on his knees while his father thought it over one more time. The Next morning his father approved that Lucas could come. There was one rule though. He should stay inside the safest room of the ship. The Chamber Of Oceans, thats what they called it, because it saved a lot of crewmen from death in the earlier years. They were on the water for a few hours and suddenly an awful, almost screaming sound moan into their ears. The waves crushed down on the boat, 9 members of the crew drowned and Lucas would soon find out, that his father was the only one that was still alive, at that moment.

Lucas came out of the chamber of oceans and run with his face filled with tears to his father and asked him not to leave him. Lucas Father had one wish, that Lucas would wear the old leather coat that his father owned for almost 30 years. Lucas needed this coat, or else he would die sooner than help could arrive. His father died soon after that. Lucas was in the Chamber Of Oceans for a long time. 3 Years to be precise. He only got out of this room to look for food, fish and find usable stuff for inside the room. Lucas began hallucinating a lot of the nights, and one day, when he was so wishing to get home, he looked at the painting above of the wooden cabinet. The painting of his old harbor, the harbor near his home. He was so willing, so dreaming to get home, that the painting ripped open, and water flood the room and Lucas. Lucas knew, that this was perhaps the only way to come back home.....
The Objects.

There are many objects in the chamber of oceans that took a lot of time to create. For example , the main character Lucas cost me a few weeks to make. This was because i had troubles with modeling human characters and im usually working with non organic forms. My believe is more to model architecture and objects. Even organic modeling is something that interests me, but creating humans is something you have to have in you blood. That is how i feel. If you have trouble drawing the human body, than you will have trouble sculpting in zbrush or mudbox as well. You have to know the human anatomy very well to model from the mind. Often we use reference from humans for our work. For the creation of Lucas i used myself as a reference and used a mirror too look at resemblances. I Want too talk about the process of every object piece by piece. So i will follow the same list as i have in the video making of which ill talk about later in this article.

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