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Making of Rollerblades

"Making of Rollerblades" by Alvaro Martinez
The model is finished, we need to take care when we smooth because small gaps may appear between the pieces and
the boot. Now we can start working in the UV´s

UV´s and textures

This is the most boring part of the project, but we need UV´s to get a good result. Most of the pieces we have are
symmetrical, so we don´t need to do all the UV´s, we can copy and invert them.

For the sews we can make a brush in Photoshop and instead of drawing them by hand we can use the pen tool and
then asign to the line the brush we created before.

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  1. karen joyce /

    Hi I would love to see how these were made in more detail from start to finish. They are the best I have seen !

  2. Christopher /

    head modeling tutorial

    1 part : make a cube
    2 part : move this vertex up
    then comes the hardest part
    3 part : make the head
    try to explain more dude!!

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