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Making of Rollerblades

"Making of Rollerblades" by Alvaro Martinez
The shader is just a Blinn with diffuse and bump maps. It´s good to write down some parameters as the specularity or eccentricity to make all the pieces look the same. Naming all the shaders is important because we´ll have as many shaders as pieces.

After everything is textured we are near the end. Take care after the sews and be sure they are correct, when we smooth the object they may move.

Lighting, composition and rendering

To light the scene I´ve used 2 direct lights, a key light and a filler light, I´ve used also Final Gather and an HDR for the reflections. Without these reflections it will be almost impossible to get a good shiny plastic. That´s all for the “advertising render”. For the render with the rollerblades on a street I´ve used an asphalt texture, blurred in Photoshop. Motion Blur is very slow in Maya and we have much more control of it in Photoshop. Once we render the scene we will blur the wheels in Photoshop.

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  1. karen joyce /

    Hi I would love to see how these were made in more detail from start to finish. They are the best I have seen !

  2. Christopher /

    head modeling tutorial

    1 part : make a cube
    2 part : move this vertex up
    then comes the hardest part
    3 part : make the head
    try to explain more dude!!

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