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Making of Chaleut Et Paix

“Making of Chaleur Et Paix ” by Mohammed Khali
I was looking for some references that could help me put things together. Basically I was aiming for a dramatic shot of an ancient passage, and so after doing some research I came up with these references: recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D objects and creatures we recommend using high quality photo references from the #1 texture websites and
Most of the objects in the scene were poly modeled. I believe poly modeling is more flexible and a commonly used technique in similar scenes as it facilitates the process of laying out UVs later on. I had to use other techniques like Splines and Loft objects. I find it more convenient to set up the camera angle at early stages so that you don’t have to model what is not visible to the camera. This is the camera angle that I chose:

Now it is the perfect time to move on and model all the details you want to have in your scene:


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