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Making of Chaleut Et Paix

“Making of Chaleur Et Paix ” by Mohammed Khali
There’re no tricks to it, just simple and straightforward unwrapping! Now we can take our UV template to Photoshop and paints our textures. I’m using 1500*1500 resolution for this part. I’ve used some textures that I found in my library. Here is a sample of what I got:

Using regular techniques in Photoshop, I’ve ended up with this:

Other objects in the scene had Alpha Masks and Displacement Maps:

All plants are simply textured with a mask in opacity slot, to cut down on RAM usage.
One emitter (Spotlight) was used to light up the scene.

As you can see, I have created some boxes to block the light in certain places, allowing for more shadows to cast. By turning the viewport to Spotlight, you can manage to see which parts of your scene are exposed to light:


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