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Making of Chaleut Et Paix

“Making of Chaleur Et Paix ” by Mohammed Khali
As for the awning (sunshader), I’ve used Cloth modifier. It started out with a simple plane, with enough segments to deform properly in simulation. Two cylinders were positioned below the plane to give it a shape of an awning stretching over a structure of support posts. In order to give it some wrinkles and folds, I’ve added Vol. Select modifier and on the vertex selection level I’ve selected areas where folds will most probably be. Soft selection had to be turned on to make it right. Wave modifier was added at the top of Modifier Stack. You can play around with values until you are happy with the result. To fine tune it even more, Noise modifier was used with a low value in Scale:

Texturing & Unwrapping:
We are going to use Unwrap UVW to texture our objects in the scene. The process is mostly the same for all objects, for that reason I’m going to take this object as a sample:

Select planar faces and apply Planar map:

I had to unwrap the UVs for the door step, the inner part of windows and doors separately and then stitch them together. After positing UV groups next to each other, this is how it’s going to look like in the Edit window:


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