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The Outcome

“The Outcome ” by Egbert Tjong Hi all, my name is Egbert. I would like to share something to the CG world as those who have shared theirs in the past until now. This tutorial I made is based on the Personal project I did for a local forum. 🙂 I always wanted to do a Robot scene, that’s why an idea came out of doing a catastrophic scene of robots battling each other. First of all like any other artist would do is to draw quick sketches of the scene & the characters This is the concept of the scene, a very rough line drawing with simple shading. After that I do profiles of the characters that would be include in the scene. Next comes the modeling section. For modeling I use Box modeling technique, on my opinion this is the easiest and the most time efficient way to do. So first I would create a plane to project the side profile of the characters to keep it in proportions, then I would start modeling in default box which I converted to Editable Poly. After a lot of pulling, pushing, coffee & cigarettes, I would achieve the desired models. (as shown below) sexprice The 3 images above showing the 2 main characters in shaded & wireframe mode  

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