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The Outcome

“The Outcome ” by Egbert Tjong The 2 above pictures is the scene with the final models excluding the textures & Sky For renders I just use the good ol Scanline renderer with light trace on for outdoor GI And the sky I combine Images of skies & cloud and matte painted it on the background. Look very messy underneath cause it will be covered by the models 🙂 The above picture is the lighting and the camera set up of the scene, I use 1 direct light as a main light 2 fillers for the scene and 1 filler for the char in the foreground Finally the waiting game (RENDERING), I render in layers (separated by foreground, midground, background, & sky) since rendering a whole thing would kill my PC & also for color/saturations corrections purpose in photoshops This is the final image after some effect and some color tweaking in photoshops Thanks for sitting through my Tutorial, I hope this will help some people in their areas of needs Or can go to my website to check on latest updates 🙂 Also want to thanks for providing a website full of usefull Textures & References, and now Tutorial sites which will help a lot of people in many different areas,. (c) Egbert Tjong,

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