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The Outcome

“The Outcome ” by Egbert Tjong Oh yeah before I move on to the next stage, I would like to share a technique I use to handle scene complexity. Since the scene would have a lot of objects in it and due to the lack of a super computer at home, I use a technique that require to use max great smoothing group system in the editable poly to fake bevel & to get the hard edge look for the robots. Ok lets just move on to the graphical presentation of it below 🙂 Here I have the MSB hand I build straight from box, a very low poly model with only a few minor bevel Next I would select mesh by polys and divide it into different smoothing group numbers Different numbers for different parts (see the circled section above) Then I applied Meshsmooth to the object and crank up the Iteration to 2, but if you leave it as it is, it would look very rounded and ugly.  

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