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“Portrait – step by step” by Aulia Ully Rahmi
4. After you drop the entire layer (click on the right of layer-drop all) now you make two layers, for example; cloth layer and hair, or else, you can directly paint on the canvas. As always add base color
– make darker base color for the hair and remember to make block first rather than painting the hair, strands by strands, blocking is much easier.
– Base color for the clothes depends on the cloth color, blocking is also recommended
4. a. After blocking the hair try randomly to pick color palette, working section by section and considering the hair style too. I use detail oil brush with little size and full opacity at this stage

4. b. To refine the hair I use airbrushes- Digital airbrush with low opacity

4. c. Further detail, I use round camel hair and detail oil brush, working block by block and go crazy with the brush and hair strands


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