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“Portrait – step by step” by Aulia Ully Rahmi
This artwork using;
-Corel Painter IX
-Wacom Graphire 4×6 inch
-Hyde, Japanese rocker and vocalist L’arc~en~ciel band
Before doing the painting, first of all try to find the inspiration or something that you really want to paint, as for portrait realism attempt, we have to observe the subject, sketch over so many time, until we finally catch the essence or the mood, you can do traditional at the piece paper first, try not to trace but when you’re ready, you can directly use the tablet for the efficient use and time, some random sketch with pencil, Hyde is really interesting subject to paint, since from time to time, he always change his appearance. recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your CG character we recommend to use high quality photo references from the #1 reference website

Now let’s start painting at computer
1. Open the Corel Painter IX program and start making base color, make it with 300 dpi A4 size, the color base that i choose is raw umber

2. Start sketching, try hard to observe the subject, I know it’ shard task especially dealing with realism. During the sketch don’t forget to flip horizontally to make sure the balance. For the sketch I use Pencils-cover pencil, size around 1-3, 9 depends on your needs and low opacity. It’s fine to do make messy sketch and far from detail, we will refine it during the process anyway


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