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Making of Trapped

"Making of Trapped" by Massimo Righi

What I would like to do is to pick the animals and their characteristics that more fascinate me. During a recent travel I have taken a photo at the “Bird Park” of Kuala Lumpur. Immediately I’ve been captured by the expression of this parrot….One strange mixture of drama, given from the animal in cage, and of fun given by the typical behavior of these animals. recommendation:

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I always loved those birds and little time ago modeled a Macaw, I have thought to give it a pose trying to recreate part of the photographed scene…
I have used Maya 8.0 for the modeling (polygonal) and Mental Ray for the rendering. The lighting is given by an HDRI probe and two lights. Background and depth of field are rendered within Maya. There is no postwork, only an accentuation of the contrast in Photoshop used to create the textures.
Some month ago, when I have modeled the Macaw, I did not have the final scene in mind, I just wanted to do practice and only to be amused. The modeling type is polygonal. First of all I have modeled the Macaw (lowpoly) in a standard position, on its tripod.

Starting from a plane I have extruded the edges trying to follow as more as possible the reference images. I have begun from the head and then modeled the rest of the body. Initially I have recreated only half of the body in order to keep the mapping of the UV’s simpler.

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