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Making of seamless textures

“Making of seamless textures ” by Wojtek “Buddy” Starak

Now create normalmaps again (Filter->Nvidia Tools->Normalmap filter). Use scales to define how much “deep” we want texture to be. Set it to 0 and 3. Looks far better!

We want also a specular map which will define where should the texture “shine”, same as for normal map, desaturate image. (white – more spec, black – less spec) If we’ll use just desaturated map it will end looking like this:

In order to fix this, we need first to change brightness&contrast of image, Image->Adjustments->Brightness/Contrast. Tune up Contrast and Tune down Brightness. It will result in only few parts of the texture shine, like the stone should. Result:

When rendered ingame it will look far better.
Whole texture is done all that can be done are small fixes on corners of the texture but on this one it wasn’t needed and even if, after passing this tut You should know how to do that 🙂 , great job if you passed through this tut! I hope it helped out.
(c) Wojtek “Buddy” Starak,,

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