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Making of ruins

“Making of ruins” by Lukasz Szeflinski
This time I wanted to concentrate on proper texturing and realism. It took me 5 months of my free time to create this scene. My main goal was to recreate the already existing environment in 3d as accurately as possible to achieve a high degree of realism, just like in the movie production. I knew from the beginning that for this work, in order to achieve the intended realism, I would have to put emphasis on textures. I started to look for an interesting existing environment that would be on the brink of exterior and interior. After I have found the right place I took a LOT of pictures for textures and reference. Additionally, I took the measurements to keep the right scale. All the textures were created from pictures I had taken with my digital camera (Canon Powershot A95). In this scene, there is no texture that comes from any internet source or texture libraries. In the end, the whole scene was around 840.000 polygons.
Here’s the reference picture I took.


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