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Making of Orange Armor

“Making of Orange Armor” by Cesar Rizo
Hello everybody, well my process for concept work isn’t always the same and it keeps changing every now and them thanks to thing that I learn from co-workers or tutorials I find online or videos. Each concept it’s a unique piece and it’s going to have special requirements that other concepts won’t have. I hope this tutorial is useful for you, have fun and keep drawing!
1- First I do a quick sketch, Trying not to focus on anything particular right now… just trying to give it a feel for the pose, where the hands will be etc….


2- I go to DAZ studio (formerly known as poser) and make a pose with the figure as close as possible to my sketch, so I can correct the proportions and start suggesting where some elements will be, shoulders, head, hands, etc…

3- I do work a lit more on the linework, so by locking down the lines I can start playing with the colors, values and everything else that’ll decide the mood of the image.

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