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“Kadaj” by Aulia Ully Rahmi
13. Start to paint his zip with detail oil in new layer on paint directly on the canvas, at the same time; I scan my sister’s leather bag in 300 DPI. And try to add the texture with some brush in painter

14. How to add texture in painter?
Open that texture file -select all-and drag with layer adjuster to the necessary spot and set as overlay 83%, you can also set transform that texture in different opacity. In the end erase the unwanted area with Eraser tool. You can add the texture with the sane way but try to play with the layer setting and layer texture transform, then for further texture you can add Acrylic brush

About Texture
How to make texture on the background?
Make a layer then, most of the time, I use direct on the canvas but making new layer is fine too. Using Pastels, Sponges, Oils, and acrylics will create great effect but eventually, i use all the brush to make texture. It’s fun to try which brush that fits with you, with the theme of the picture, anyway, that’s just my idea.


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