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“Kadaj” by Aulia Ully Rahmi
5. I start to repaint the mouth and add purple pink color and refining the eyes; add baby blue-green color on it. At this stage, start making shadow on his face even a little bit by using Acrylics. For the eye using combination light cobalt turquoise and light red blue. As for the lips using the combination of broken rose dore pink white-soft purple and light ultramarine violet

6. Don’t forget to drop all the layer after you are already sure with the base, mainly I use about 2-3 layers, more than that my pc will work really slow, so don’t forget drop the layer and don’t forget to save often in multiply file. Using blenders is fun but if you use too much it will be flat be sure to use it wisely. Around the nose use the broken yellow lemon

7. Refine his eyes with acrylics and his oils; this is just the base color, so it is fine if you just paint directly on the canvas. Use little size and try low opacity then go to the larger one


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