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“Kadaj” by Aulia Ully Rahmi
B. For further strand detail, use round camel hair oil and you can erase the unwanted area with eraser tool

11. Make new layer for his cloth outline and take detail oil brush with little size 2-4 % and lower opacity and start to make the outline, well it’s not neat at all but that’s fine, we will cover it with color anyway, at the same time refine his lips and drop pink and more dark pink color on his upper lips all set in default

12. Start filling the outline layer with purple-blue-white color cover all the outline and at the same time try to look up how the light falls and the place of the shadow with acrylics and refine it step by step. For the cloth color, you can use the gradation of blue and French ultramarine, deep cobalt blue to white.

For greater detail, you can use detail oil brush and use eraser to remove the unwanted stuff


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