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Young Girl

“Young girl ” by Viki Yeo
Hi everybody!
My name is Viki Yeo. I’m from Korea and I’m a character artist for games. I am going to show you how I created my image “Young girl”. I used 3ds Max2008, Zbrush, Mentalray, Photoshop CS2 and reference images by .
This model is a girl who is Petra by . When I saw her, she is a very sad girl. So, I decided to create a sad girl.

I created a base mesh in 3ds Max. I began making the base mesh, just doing the minimum required.

After I imported base mesh, I sculptured details on using Zbrush.

The displacement map has been created and saved as a 16 bit grayscale TIFF file in Zbrush.

I brought the mesh and displacement map in 3ds Max again.
When apply displacement map, do not forget to check “Use Existing Mapping”,
Switch on Luminance Center and put some strength.

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  1. aydin sad /


  2. Brandon /

    i still have this image and its one render that made me move over to zbrush and max pipline over lightwave..

    good to see how it was put togther shader wise

  3. Ledopmi /

    Is there another place to get this reference photo? 3D.SK no longer has child photos.

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