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Understanding Lights in Maya – part 4

"Understanding Lights in Maya - part 4 " by Aziz Khan recommendation:

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Hello guys and welcome to the last part of Understanding Lights In Maya tutorial, in this tutorial we will light up a interior scene which should help you understand how lights works and how to setup lights to illuminate any interior scenes,
ok lets start working,
1-ok by downloading this scene or as you feel better with your own scenes, once open create 2 Area Lights,

2-and now fix them on the windows but with a bit gape between windows and lights,

3-ok its time to simulate sunlight to serve our purpose we will use Directional Light since it will work fine for such situations, ok create a Directional Light and then place it something like on the image below, make sure that light is passing through the window in side the room,

4-now fix your camera inside room to start test rendering,

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