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Digital painting tutorial – Spirited away – Part 6

Jonas Jödicke |

Traditional and digital artist and hobbyist from Germany. Draws book covers, CD-covers, illustrations, OC's, etc. For digital art he's using Photoshop CS4 and a Hanvon "Artmaster" tablet. For traditional art he is using Watercolors (from Schmincke), graphite pen, fineliners, markers. You can reach Jonas at:

This is a continue of Digital painting tutorial - Spirited away - Part 5.

Part 6: Final touches (~ 3 hours)

This final phase is about giving your picture the last touches, which the viewer will be able to see, when he looks at your picture in detail. These are the things, which awake your image to life. It’s about adding tiny details, shiny lights and structures. Below are the detailed steps of part 6 – final touches:

Step 1
Firstly, I added the dragon-pattern to the dress of Chihiro, which I also downloaded as a reference image and applied via an overlay layer. But on another layer, I also added some more detail and depth with a light pink using the hard airbrush.

Step 2
Now I added little details, like the silhouettes of the birds in the background, glowy edges where the light of the moon/lantern hits them and tiny strains of fur/hair on Haku and Chihiro. I also added the little particles flowing through the air using the hard airbrush and then applying a motion blur to add dynamic (Filter > Blur > Motion Blur).

Step 3
In the very last step I applied some color- and light-variations with Soft-Light and Overlay layers using a big soft airbrush. I made some last contrast- and color-corrections, added a Sharpen filter (Filter > Sharpen Filter > Sharpen) and added my signature. The image is done! 🙂

You can check the final image in high-resolution here (2000x1590px 7,8MB).

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