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Digital painting tutorial – Spirited away – Part 5

Jonas Jödicke |

Traditional and digital artist and hobbyist from Germany. Draws book covers, CD-covers, illustrations, OC's, etc. For digital art he's using Photoshop CS4 and a Hanvon "Artmaster" tablet. For traditional art he is using Watercolors (from Schmincke), graphite pen, fineliners, markers. You can reach Jonas at:

This is a continue of Digital painting tutorial - Spirited away - Part 4.

Part 5: Painting over lineart (~ 3 hours)

Now we will get rid of the lineart. The painting will look much more realistic and smooth. We will also add more detail and structures. The thumbnail of the picture won’t change by now, but this step will ultimately increase the “Wow-effect” as it now comes to proving your artistic abilities. Below are the detailed steps of part 5 – painting over lineart:

Step 1
Reduce the opacity of the lineart layers to about 50-60% and then merge them with their refering color layer (e.g. lineart of Chihiro merged with her color layer). Then make a new layer above and start painitng over the lineart. Do this gently and carefully and try to get smooth transitions as well as some harder edges here and there (use both the hard edged and the soft airbrush).

Step 2
In this step I gave the moon his structure. You can download various moon photos from website, then I cut the photo to fit the moon, put it on a layer and set the layer to overlay. I played around with colors/contrast, etc. to make it fit in the picture. I also refined the trees in the background using the hard airbrush and a ligther greenish blue. Then, using a small soft brush, I also painted the little stars in the background.

Step 3
I went on adding detail and playing around with lights and colors. I also did Chihiros eyes.

We will continue with next part 6 - Final Touches in following days, stay tuned.

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