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Sculpting With Texture tutorial


“Sculpting with texture ” by Gavin Watson
Hello everyone
In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how top sculpt a wall
According to your chosen texture, mainly using mask and a couple of deformations recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D rendering we recommend using high quality photo textures from the #1 texture website

This is the base mesh which I blocked out in Silo 1.4 and then imported to zbrush3.1

Firstly we will apply the uv map coordinates while it is at the lowest division
For this demonstration I have used the guv tiles option under the texture palette

Then I divided the mesh 7 times the first three times I divided I turned off the smooth option ,and then the last couple of divisions I turned it back on this is done so that your base Mesh does not lose to much of its its original shape.

Now we apply a new texture the bigger the more detail, I have used a 3000x3000resolution. To do this go to your texture palette apply your settings and then click the new button

Now open your projection master, short cut key is “g”
Make sure that just color option is selected and drop to canvas
Double sided option is up to you


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