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Mech Dragon Battle

“Mech Dragon Battle” by Alex Ruiz
5) I have now duplicated the ‘head’ of this thing, to then construct it’s body that goes off into the distance, giving the image more depth. I’ve also added tentacles whipping around, with claws on the ends of them.

6) Now the image starts getting crazy! I really started to feel like the guys down below, frantically running around trying to stay clear of this giant horrible fish thingy! But I persevere, the show must go on:) I flip the image to keep the process interesting, and it’s also a good way to find mistakes or flaws you wouldn’t otherwise see. At this point I had gathered very interesting images of neurons ( yes, the ones in your brain) and placed them on the sides of the creature, as well as in front of it. For me, this suggested great energy within the creature, as well as a malfunctioning of some kind. I’ve added more sharp elements to the tentacles, giving a more dangerous feeling to the image, and a guy running in from the left to enhance the action.

7) Here I’ve widened the image for a more cinematic feel. I’ve also flipped the image again and felt this was the best direction for the composition. And since we read left to right, it feels more comfortable to lead in at the left and have the climax at the right. I add more reds to the characters to contrast so many dark elements, and hint at other characters on the ground.

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