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Mech Dragon Battle

"Mech Dragon Battle" by Alex Ruiz
1) I start the sketch in a very cool online app:, w hich really does emulate the splatter technique made popular by Pollock. And I like to start out my images in an abstract way, so this was perfect! recommendation:

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2) Next I take the white out of the image using Levels. I then start throwing down r andom shapes that wrap themselves around this black blob thing. I use custom shapes, the pen tool, and the lasso tool to make these shapes, and the transform functions under Edit to manipulate them. I guess the point I’d stress here is, it’s not about any one of these tools; it’s about understanding form and volume, and knowing how to draw things around a form.

3) Now I’ve added a subtle color gradient to the background to give a sense of atmosphere. I also continue to add shapes and blue lights to this ‘thing’ ( I still don’t know what it is at this point).

4) Here I’ve decided to add a human element to give a sense of scale, and a mountain range to give a sense of depth. Both were drawn quickly with the lasso tool, the filled in.

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