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Making of Old Street

"Making of Old Street " by Aziz Khan recommendation:

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Hello every one!! and welcome to making of my old street scene, here i will show you the objects i have used in old street scene and how i made lets go and see how i made the scene.1-first of all i created a box with reasonable settings and then made couple of boxes and then played with their height width, then i use Boolean operation for the door way and small windows in the top.

2-once i have finished with setup then created the flat stones for the floor and few more stones just for the sake of decoration as you can see in the image.

3-for the stones i added skew, noise modifier and then played with settings.

4-for the floor stones i used ChamferBoxe and then added skew, noise modifier and then for the texture coord uses UVW mapping.

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    excellent, i was really looking forward for such tutorial.

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