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Geothermal layers

“Geothermal layers ” by Dave Jarvis
This tutorial shows novel mesh editing techniques, including:

Fast vertex, edge or face (de)selection.
Loop cuts.
Vertex groups.
Region extrude.
Perimeter selection. recommendation:

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Press CTRL-X then Enter to create a new model.
Press Del then Enter to remove the box.
Press NUM7 to change the view.
Press SPACE then Add » Mesh » UVSphere.
Press CTRL-Tab then 2.
Select and Scale the Vertices
1. Press a to deselect all vertices.
2. Press b for the selection cross-hairs.
3. Click RMB and drag to select 1/4 of the sphere.

Sphere Selection
4. Click NUM1 to see the half-selected sphere.
5. Press CTRL-Tab then 1 to be in Vertex select mode.
6. Press b for the selection cross-hairs. legal steroids for sale online
7. Click MMB and drag to deselect bottom 1/8 of sphere.

Sphere Deselection
8. Press F9 for the Editing buttons.
9. Click New to create a new Vertex Group.

Prelude to new Vertex Group
10. Provide a name for the vertex group (e.g., Cut-away).

Vertex Group with Name
11. Click Assign to associate the selection of vertices (1/8 of the sphere) with a name.
12. Press . or click the Pivot Menu to change the Pivot to 3D Cursor:

Pivot Menu
13. Press e then 1 then Enter then to extrude the region (but do not move it).
14. Press s then 0.193 then Enter to scale the region.

Scaled Region
15. Press CTRL-Tab then 3 for Faces selection mode.

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