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Coloring Tutorial – part 2

Lukas “FrAgMenT” K.

Austrian artist, who started drawing because he loved to do nature studies and loved to draw while he was at school. Focused on Manga since 2010, both traditionally and digitally. “I always try to stress out my own imagination and see what I am able to do” he says.

Welcome to second part of my tutorial (first part is here). Some people on DeviantArt asked me if I could do a tutorial on how I do my colorings. Well I really felt glad and really wanted to give it a try…so I hope that you are interessted on how I do my drawings as well 🙂 Final version of my drawing is at the end of this tutorial. I used Painttool Sai, Photoshop CS3 and Wacom Intuose 3 tablet. We will add background this time and do the final edits in Photoshop.

Step 11
Now background! In this picture I decided to leave the sketchbook background and let it be part of it. So I put the basic background color above it and ‘blur’ it at the edges, to make it look soft and smooth…

Step 12
To make it look a bit more realistic and more ‘lifely’ I clip a new layer to the LINEART-layer and add flat colors to it…you can even make it look lineless, but I like it that way more 🙂

Step 13
Now I add the highlights (mode-Luminance) to the eyes by creating layer above the LINEART, that way I am colouring above it.

Step 14
OK now let your creative mind free and add a few things, by using the steps from before. for example I made it look like it’s cold and snowing (used the airbrush in dry brush mode ->experiment with it 😉 ). Well in mostly all of my drawings I add an OVERLAY-layer above the whole drawing which gives it more contrast and variety in colors.

Step 15
Let’s open Photoshop now. I use it to make picture look more dynamic. It’s a really easy way to make things look like they are in motion. Use the lasso or the pen-tool to select area you want to look dynamic.

Step 16
Then soften the edges.

Step 17
Just like that 😉

Step 18
Then I go to filters and use blur. I often use about 3-8 pixels, but you’ll need to look for yourself what fits you best. You are almost at the end, just fix the colors and add your signature.


Keep on practicing and I am sure, you’ll surpass me anytime soon 😉

You can check the final image in high-resolution here (1600x1062px 291kb).

If you are looking for an inspiration for your drawing, I recommend You can find plenty of comic – looking resources in there!

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