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Making of Dragons

“Making of The Dragons ” by Erasmus Brosdau
In this making of I will explain how to model my mechanical dragon and render it in next limits MAXWELL. I’m using 3D studio Max 9 for this. recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D models we recommend using high quality photo references from the #1 texture website
Step 1: The model
As always, it all begins with a box. I started to model the head first and then continue to model all other parts which are connected next to it. At the end we willl have many parts which we can control seperately.

The base mesh of the head.
When you model such mechanical things, it’s very important to take a good look on your mesh. Mostly you want to smooth it with a smoothing modifier, and when your mesh isn’t modeled carefully you get ugly artefacts and other stuff you dont want to have.The Keyword here is chamfer. Always chamfer your edges to get smooth corners at the end:

This image is a simple demonstration of the Turbosmooth modifier. In case you want to have a nice Box with smooth corners the result of the box with simple edges won’t satisfy you. If you chamfer all corners you get the result you wanted. The next step is to understand how the Turbosmooth works:


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