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Making of Dragons

“Making of The Dragons ” by Erasmus Brosdau
Regarding only the upper right corner you can see 3 edges (marked with red dots) which seem to come out of the paper in this view. Imagine it as an arrow you see in a front view. The picture right demonstrates the usage of the Turbosmooth (marked with the red line) You can see here that the modifier only works with the edges he got in the object, in this case only 3. And he tries to make it as fluid as possible between these 3 dots. And the result is this half rainbow. To change that, we chamfer edge 2:

Now we have 4 edges and the result on the right image looks much better for our smooth box. The turbo smooth can not directly smooth all the way down to edge 4 (formerly known as edge 3) because more than one edge lies in his way. (edges 2 and 3). The turbosmooth now only can smooth the way from edge 2 to 3 because there are no more edges between them.
Allright, now with this basic knowledge of the turbosmooth we can continue working on the mechanical body parts of the dragon. Next is ist neck:

I want him to look a bit dangerous and extrude some vertices to long, sharp horns.
Also chamfer the end vertice of each horn, so that it remains sharp with the smooth modifier. Once you modeled a neck element, copy it a few times and the neck is finished so far.

Also the arms get some horns and the fingertips get very sharp nails. The good thing here is that we can use the hands also for its feet, that saves some time and work.


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