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Rhino basic tutorial 1

“Rhino basic tutorial 1” by Raijv Vaishnav Hi Friends,Here is a video to demonstrate how to build a Mouse like Object in Rhino3d.I hope you like it. Please provide your comments and feedback to help me to provide you more tutorials and also let me know your requirements of tutorials. (c) Raijv Vaishnav,

Rhino basic tutorial 2

“Rhino basic tutorial 2” by Raijv Vaishnav Hello,I have learnt many things from bloggers, forums in these years and today I am trying to reward back to the 3d Community by posting various tutorials on various topics. Hope you all will like it and I would appreciate your comments and feedback.In this post I have posted Rhinoceros Basic tutorial for...

Modeling complex object in Rhino3d

“Modeling complex object in Rhino3d” by Raijv Vaishnav Hi ,Here is a new tutorial to model complex object in Rhino3d. (c) Raijv Vaishnav,      

iPod modeling tutorial

iPod modeling tutorial

Jan 2, 2007

“Model The iPod nano” by Bracer Jack Click For Larger Image Welcome to this tutorial on iPod modeling, it is my hope that by modeling this simple model, you will learn the basics of technical modeling & along the way acquire a sense of satisfaction from modeling this culture icon. recommendation: To maximise the realism of your 3D...