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Yellow house – part 3

“Yellow house – part 3.” by Huseyin Karaaslan
3- ‘Direct light’ adjustments

1) Let us activate ‘shadows’.
2) Let us adjust the light values.
3) Since the light is sunlight, let us make it somewhat reddish.
4) We can adjust the intensity of the shadows in ‘shadow parameters’ section. Since both my light sources lighten up the shadows, I increased the shadow intensity.
4- ‘Vraylight’ adjustments

1) Let us select ‘invisible’ and thus prevent the light source from being seen during render.
2) Let us adjust the light values.
3) To give some brightness to the scene, let us add some greenish colour to the light.

5- Result

Good luck everyone. I hope this has been a helpful lesson for you all.

(c) Huseiyn Karaaslan,

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