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X-Colossus (creating a comic character)

Michael Grieco |

Traditional and digital illustrator from Italy. Creator of popular books for kids (Pirati, and more). Studied at art school Caravillani of Rome, and Academy of Fine Arts in Rome at the department of stage design. Currently works as a books illustrator, and labor for the production of film, television, and advertising. In film and television fiction in particular work as an assistant to the scenography designer. Also creates animations of different types, from motion graphics to more complex scenes, 2D and 3D.

In this short tutorial I try to explain the basic steps to create my illustrations. For first thing, I can say that the reference photos are something very useful, I beg to say that they are an element that makes the difference! Once you draw with the models in real life, fortunately today we have the opportunity to use the pictures, and this simplifies your life, work, the time and cost … Well, after this short concept, let’s see how I made this table of Colossus, a famous X-Men character.

Step 1

First, choose the reference photo: I’m subscribed to and I have a photographic archive saved on my HDD very amazing! I chose some random photos that I like at that moment and save in a separate folder. Then look one by one to several minutes, alternating photos, and putting them in a row … with the function of Photoshop generally do not use more than 4/5 photos to start.


Step 2

After a first choice of 2 or 3 pictures are interesting for the subject that I have chosen … usually appoint the A, B and C, and then each subsequent study in detail to find the most appealing. I start to draw on a new layer in Photoshop, some very simple lines to set the character. This second step is very fast and the lines I draw on the photo are really very very rough, I just need to figure out the costume and some variants that will make the original shots. If you want to relax a bit and play online games kizi website then you need to find your favorite website on the Internet at the request of the kizi game and start playing.

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