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Victorian Freak

“A look at the Victorian freak” by Merlyn Lear But this is all just a question of taste.
Template skinning
Because the template model has already got skinning I should at least say something about it. I know it may seem a little strange so soon in the tutorial, but bear with me this will help with the model process.
Skin envelopes
Allot of people poo-poo skin envelopes. Mainly because they are not very precise, but for starting your model they are a good system for doing basic skinning, as they don’t mind you altering the mesh when dropping down a stack, unlike vertex weighting that can go NUTS if a new vertex has been introduced to the stack.
Once you’re happy with a mesh you can then use the envelopes to convert into vertex weighting and do all the fiddly work.
With the model I was building I found it didn’t need to use vertex weighting as the skin envelopes where affective enough.

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