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Say cheese!!

"Say cheese!!" by Vaibhav Shah
I made proxy/dummy box under water level till floor with refracted glass, transparent shader assigned on it. It was just for refracted effect to water from straight front.
I always prefer self review first! After almost final rendered image, I did self correction and review of an image. According to self review, I found some minor creative corrections and changes. So, I rather preferred to be back on texturing and layout stage. Production can be suffered if you found some problems, which can be technical or creative after rendering passes. So, reviews+ correction stages are most reliable and accurate for any production.

After rendering all passes separately, I took all of them into photoshop and started to tweak values according to subject. I was really imagined about simple monochromatic mood. Later I’d added little paint over to highlight shinier over all.

Here is a color image,

I hope it has informative and interesting for you. Please feel free to contact me at vaibhavshah1982 (at)
Thanks for reading!
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  1. gr8 work….thanks for sharing….

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