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How to draw steampunk looking items in Photoshop

 Mirko Cogo |

Hobby artist from Italy. Mirko is interested in graphic and illustration art, movies, games, and Manga.. You can reach out to Ihor at

Tutorial on how to draw steampunk looking items, step by step.

Step 1-2

Use the elliptical marquee tool to create a selection then fill it with a shade of brown; then hold down ALT+arrow up and duplicate the layer 24 times: the layers will duplicate moving upwards.

Fill the top layer with a dark shade of yellow, and merge all the others.


Step 3-4

Create a ring with the marquee tool then fill it with a golden gradient. Layer style: bevel and emboss – Light 60% / Shadow 60%


Step 5-6

Create a new layer. Layer style: inner shadow – Shadow colour dark brown.


Step 7-8

Now you need a layer with a drawing like this one: place it on top with an overlay effect.


Step 9-10

Draw some details for your steampunk item and place them on it. You can use your reference images.


Step 11-12

Finally add a glass-like reflection with a while-to-transparent gradient. And that’s it!!!


Final Image


If you looking for texture for nice looking items, we recommend visiting environment-textures site.

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