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Shading and colouring character in Photoshop


Digital artist from Iceland, who really likes drawing toons, lions, dogs, wolfs - you name it. Drawing is her hope. You can contact her at

I did a shading tutorial for you guys, hope it helps 🙂

Step 1
- Sketch your character by the reference picture or by your fantasy.


Step 2
- When you are done, erase the sketch. Then, making sure you are on the layer with the lineart, use the magic wand tool to select them > select inverse > modify > contract


Step 3
- Now it's time to color your character. You can utilize tools such as the magic wand, but be creative and experiment.


Step 4
- After the flat colors are down, you can try gradient shading by selecting a patch with the lasso tool and dragging the gradient tool to make shadows (see diagram for example)


Step 5
- To create highlights, use the dodge're now finished!


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