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Photoshop – Metal texture material

Sadir |

A young student of graphics from Poland interested in conceptual art, manga, anime, and comic style.

Hello again. Here you have got a tutorial on how to make texture of a metal material. I hope it will be useful.

Step 1-2-3

Okay now. Let’s try to do a metal surface. Of course firstly- a shape in a main colour of the surface. NEXT- some shading with a darker colour (dark tone of the main colour) NEXT- gimmie moreee…

Step 4

In this step all your have t do is to pick the smudge tool (many dots brush, yess) and smudge the surface (strenght- 86-96%… in trush I hardly anytime change it…)

Step 5-6

Now- use a light tone of the colour you ve chosen as a main and add some highlights. NEXT- smudge them.

Step 7-8

These two steps are just about detailing. add some light dots on the front of the surface (large) and some on the back (small). Another thing is to create a chess in front of the surface (3px sharp brush, op. 20-30%, light tone)

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