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Photoshop – Clouds

Sadir |

A young student of graphics from Poland interested in conceptual art, manga, anime, and comic style.

As far as many people ask me about the clouds, I did this tutorial so they can do them in my style. I just want to add the style is mine, I haven't taken the methods from any others tutorials.

Step 1-2-3

Step 1.

Choose one of these colours (more or less). Fill the background with one of them. Remember- always do EVERYTHING on a different layers.

Step 2.

Now choose lighter colour. Set the brush to 11% opacity. Draw one big shape. If it's needed- do it again.

Step 3.

Choose the far far lighter brrush than the previous 🙂 Draw some ''lanes'' on the top of clouds. Use here blurry brush, opacity to 15-19%

Step 4-5

Step 4.

Take the darker brush, opacity- 13% also blurry. Draw places where clouds haven't got highlights.

Step 5.

Ok... it does not look good... so... take the lighter brush and make some more highlights.

Step 6-7

Step 6.

Now it looks better. But not perfect 🙂 More shadows!

Step 7.

Now some details... use SMALL brush (size-1) op - 100%. Draw the outline of the clouds. Of course You don't have to do these details from this step. I don't use the outline in everz picture of a clouds. xgeneve

Step 8-9

Step 8.

I add here some other clouds... Just to fill the background.

Step 9.

Finallz... rays of light. Choose the yellowish colour, very bright, opacity- 12%, big size... can ben 100-300 (300 when the are is very big, so here 100...) Draw the rays- strraight lines, the brush should be blurry so that the edges of rays will be invisible. I always add some colours of light to clouds to have a better composition.

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