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Photoshop – Cloth texture material

Sadir |

A young student of graphics from Poland interested in conceptual art, manga, anime, and comic style.

Here you’ve got a tutorial on how to make texture of a cloth material (curtain for example). I hope it’ll be useful.

Step 1-2

Here is an example of cloth/material/or– whatever. A curtain or a bottom of a dress an ending of a sleeve etc.

First you need to create a shape (as always). Do it using a large, sharp-rounded brush (opacity- 10%-15% if using a very light colour). More colour on the top of the ”waves”, less on their bottoms.

Step 3-4-5-6

Use a light tone of a main colour and draw the endings (5px round, sharp vrush, op. 20-30%). Then of course smudge them a bit. NEXT- use a large (19px?) brush and lighter the drawing (more on the tops etc.) NEXT- smudge (here I have added more to the whole shapes additional ”waves”)

Step 7-8

Last steps are just to add some details. You can pass these steps if you like. Anyway- now take a small brush (5px, op 40-50%) and draw more swirly-like shapes on the bottom of the material. Use an eraser to change the shape of the endings (here- addtional little holesú. NEXT- chess… and some a bit darker tone between the ”waves”.

To get more cloth texture, We recommend visit site.

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