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Noemi – part 6

“Noemi – part 6 ” by Ronald van Vemden recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D models we recommend using high quality human photo references from the #1 texture website
To see the sixth part of Modo modeling tutorial series please click on the thumbnail below.
To view this video tutorial you will need to have free QuickTime player from Apple.
You can download it here:

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  1. I´ve been wondering if a single mesh organic character could be animated in Modo, and how in that case one should proceed to set hierarchy for parts of a body that aren´t separated meshes, but parts of a single one… Now I´ve just seen a photorealistic Ben Kingsley animated character on a video by JACQUES, in the video gallery section, and it´s clear that it´s possible. Any clue on where can I find how to? thanks again

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent, I really wanted to ask you a question, assuming you´re too busy to pay attention, I dare to ask it anyway, and it´s having modeled a head in Modo following your tutorial, I have now a head mesh (though I couldn’t make it so alike to the pics I used as you did to yours), and the question is, to animate it, or give some expression, should I take this mesh into another software, say Lightwave or other? Or can it be done in Modo? Thats it, thanks anyway, you’ve already helped me a lot.
    My best wishes for you


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