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Noemi – part 1

“Noemi – part 1” by Ronald van Vemden
To see the first part of Modo modeling tutorial series please click on the thumbnail below. recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D models we recommend using high quality human photo references from the #1 texture website

To view this video tutorial you will need to have free QuickTime player from Apple.

You can download it here:

(c) Ronald van Vemden,

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  1. Hi everyone, as new to Modo 401, I’m still en the “stunned marveled” with the software, but still can´t do much with it, after struggking for years with Max without getting anywhere, after tying Modo can´t really go back to old software, and have a lot of questions, could anyone give me a helping hand? One question among hundreds, after modeling my first head, how would you say should I animate it? give it some expression? Can it be done in Modo? Should I take the mesh into other software? Lightwave maybe (wich seems to be very compatible)? Well, thanks in first place for sharing your talent, any tip will be like gold to me, and oh of course, sorry about my English
    Thanks a lot


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