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Modeling a Female torso tutorial

“Modeling a Female torso” by Peter Ratner
This tutorial is a continuation of the “Modeling A Female Head” lesson. I prefer to give the reader as much detail as possible and since artists are more visually oriented, I like to provide more images than words. If you like my instructions, please consider buying my books Mastering 3D Animation, 2 nd Edition and 3-D Human Modeling and Animation, 2 nd Edition . Both books show other methods for modeling humans as well as texturing, lighting, and animating them.
Figure 1 shows the completed figure posed. It will take some patience before you get to this point because there are a lot of steps that need to be completed first. recommendation:

To maximise the realism of your 3D characters we recommend to use high quality human photo references from the #1 texture website

In the previous lesson I mentioned the tools that are used to model. Figure 2 shows the Split Polygon tool and the edges that are created on a polygon mesh. The red lines represent new edges and the yellow boxes are their vertices. When you see this type of illustration in the various steps, they mean that you are supposed to create new edges in the indicated areas.

Figure 3 depicts edges in white with X’s through them. This means that you should select those edges and delete them. Notice that so far, most of the work is done with edges. So, if your software supports edge editing, you should be able to follow all the steps.

Figure 4 shows an illustration with new edges (red lines). This means you use an Extrude Faces tool (also seen in the illustration). The Extrude Faces tool is used mainly to expand the size of the model.

Figure 5 shows an illustration with new edges (red lines). This means you have the choice of using either a Extrude Faces tool (also seen in the illustration) or the previously discussed Split Polygon tool. Even though every step shows new edges created or old ones deleted, you should also keep refining the shape of the torso. Also check the appearance of the torso when the polygons are smoothed.

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